About Us

We are an organization that
takes pride in developing
student athletes.

Opportunity only comes in random spurts in a lifetime, but to recognize when it presents itself and how to take advantage in the moment is not always learned. Southern Connection Org’s vision is to help equip student athletes with knowledge through mentorship, education, and teamwork. Life goals are endless.

” Student Athlete – It’s not all about sports, but the combination of education and sports, can catapult you to endless opportunities!”


“With hard work comes great rewards!”

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We are an organization that takes pride in developing student athletes.


Fair and generous behavior or treatment of others, especially in a sports contest.

Southern Connection Org stresses the importance of sportsmanship and encourage our student athletes to always demonstrate it on and off the field.  Whether we are winning or losing we will always show class and professionalism.


The combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient.

Southern Connection Org is a collective group of individuals that have come together with a common goal; to prepare student athletes for the next level. We work and operate as a team.


Friendly association, especially with people who share common interests.

Our definition can be summed up in one word FAMILY.  We are a family, and we will conduct ourselves as a family and look out for one another.  This is one of our core values.

positive environment

Positive environment is one in which students feel a sense of belonging, trust others, and feel encouraged to tackle challenges, take risks, and ask questions.

This is the environment we are creating for our youth and staff.  Our facility will consist of Positive energy so that the youth will feel safe and be able to express themselves without any retaliation.  Staff members serve as instructors and mentors.


All sportswear purchased through our website and in person are part of the Yearly Ongoing Fundraiser!





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